Ben Roethlisberger is 'clearly a part of the problem'

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Next. Next team president art Rooney. The second said Wednesday that talks have started between the Steelers and Ben Rothlisberger on a contract extension. Big Ben who turns thirty seven in March has one year remaining on his current deal. And let's keep in mind. There's been a lot of drama and Pittsburgh fellas and Tonio Brown apparently wants out lay beyond bells that out the entire season. Not to mention that Big Ben has been going back and forth on retirement these past couple of seasons. Tedy Bruschi still here with us joining us from the Pro Bowl and Orlando I teddy. There you are. We got you got you and all your friends in the background is big and more of a problem or a solution because this franchise feels like a mess right now. Because both he's he's definitely a part of the problem because they no other men in which he's handled things. I mean, again, you know, you you've got numerous players. You've got numerous NFL aficionados that have religiously called out Big Ben for saying things in throwing people under the bubble in the fashion of the quarterbacks. Don't this is not me talking. This is basically reporting what they've said as max is done as many others. If you watch Big Ben you talking about juju Smith Schuster. We should have thrown the ball of him every time you say something like that. You've got to know you've been around Antonio Brown long enough to know, how those kind of things would affect him along with various other things in other positions that he has taken that. We don't have time to get into in the end when it comes down to is that has made him a part of the problem because Big Ben is live by different set of rules. He's a bit flagrant with it. And I don't give a. AM who you are anytime you receive preferential treatment that you are you are playing by different set of rules as everybody else you are going to rub people the wrong way, especially when you consider the individual who abuses, the privilege. That's the bottom line. Having said all of that. When you look at Big, Ben he's also a part of the solution because nobody's perfect everybody makes mistakes. And if you're willing to man up in knowledge that you could have done better in certain respects. I think that would go a long way, I think the thing that the Tonio Browns of the world and others that are incredibly frustrating is not that big been mixed the mistakes, they made is that he doesn't necessarily he isn't necessarily deemed as an individual that learns from apologized showed the pope level of contrition and move forward without making sure not to repeat those mistakes again throughout the years. You've seen a pattern of behavior that has been consistent with him in that he has gotten away with it. If you listened to those NFL players Antonio Brown is one of those NFL player. Here's somebody that has said that. And as a result, you a big band you want to alleviate this situation you speak up. You recognize us where you're at fault. And I think if he did that that would go along way. So he's both a problem and a problem solver in all of this because he's right in the middle of everything as the stock quarterback of the team who obviously has is outspoken, Saddam. Well, we agree and disagree because I think he is part of the problem the solution. But for very different reasons part of the problem because Ben Rothlisberger is like a rich man's Eli manning. He is too good for your team. Just to stink almost no matter. What's going on? Right. You're good. A win some games. Maybe make the usually make the playoffs. So how do you get his successor? There's no succession, I just talked about how you know, unless you're Bill Belichick level. And it's not so easy to find a quarterback when you're not drafting up high. You know, it's more of a crap shoot. They don't have the person there that they feel can take the reins of the team if they're truly grooming. It doesn't seem to me on the other end. Therefore at the moment. He reads a lot of power because when you don't have that. But you do have a talented team. And you have a quarterback who's shown he can still play at a very high level, and we're in an era. That's right teddy in an era where older quarterbacks are clearly protected in ways. They've never been you look the level. Tom Brady is still playing at forty one. Drew Brees at forty then rothlisburger at thirty seven that that they realize, oh, wait a minute as beat up as he's been as much as he talked about retirement. He's still maybe has some years of football left in him. We don't have as backup. So he wields probably too much influence and he seems to at times publicly throw players under teammates under the bus. He's a problem because he's too good to get that next quarterback with the draft pick. He's your solution to the extent that you're good because he's a really good quarterback. And if you ain't got that, you ain't got anything. I'm with both you here because Big Ben has been a problem, and he can be a part of the solution. But this is what's happening here as you're talking about max. The quarterbacks in this league getting older and older and still being able to play past forty. What's happening is a generational gap. A generational gap between the quarterback and all of the younger skilled players and all of the younger players on defense that are ended up being a part of this team and the ability to relate. So they're almost these kids are coming in plan. I mean rothlisburger will have players coming in make sure that have had his poster on the wall or something like that that group as fans, and so how does that quarterback that aging quarterback you mentioned breeze Brady and rothlisburger? How was he able to relate to them and make them feel like still an equal? And as one of his teammates, this is where Ben Rothlisberger has failed has he failed. Also and other aspects where Stephen as talking about what he's calling out teammates where he's got no business when he should have when he's the one making bad plays. Also. Yes, I agree with that. But he needs to learn to start to relate to these younger generation of players because he will continue to get older, and that gap is. Real and you'll see players life Brees. How he still it seems like medicine Brady and breathes? They're old. Okay. How do they still have these close bonds with these young players that come into their teams and their teammates talking about them like they're best? How does that happen? There's something. Character wise that breeze and Brady has right now that Rothlisberger is lacking. I need your help with something here. Because here's what you lost. You talked about him relating to the other players, and I don't disagree with that teddy. The problem is it eight the younger players complaining about him and Tonio Brown is thirty years old. He's been big big Big Ben Rothlisberger his teammate for almost the past decade. And so this is I'm not saying that, you know, the he's thirty seven thirty thirty seven like Big Ben is, but he ain't twenty eight twenty one like did you Smith Schuster? The man is thirty the last six seasons. He's had a minimum of one hundred one receptors a minimum of twelve hundred and eighty seven. Yard. He's produced. Poor Big Ben he's been a primary target for Big, Ben. And yet that's where the problem seems to lie at this particular moment in time. So how do you explain that? And I'll put it up put it simply then because I agree with you there. It's a feeling that I've had with the quarterback that I played with and a lot of the saints and a lot of these older players on these teams that are mentioning they have the overwhelming thought in their mind that my quarterbacks got my back. No matter what that's what I think's not there in Pittsburgh. It seemed like it seems like if something happens the quarterback isn't there to either bail you out off the field the Bill you out on? That's what it is. I don't know if they feel the same way some of these saints and other players that this quarterback. He's got my

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