Dow down around 200 points after weak China data sets off alarm bells


Week. This key economic meeting in Beijing. What are we expecting what might those Chinese leaders actually do? Well, this is the planning that matter fair to earlier to to come along into or meeting hall next week and set targets and set the tone for China's economy in two thousand nine hundred one hundred you would assume that they will be keeping an eye on activity indicators suggesting that they need to pump a bit more stimulus into the economy both through to fiscal channels and on the central Bank side of things not necessarily the gargantuan stimulus of old in China. But certainly they will be putting a foot on Dixie little bit. But you know, despite all of that they're also flying blind a little bit. Because it all depends on these trade talks go with the US taking a deal by March one will then that will surely lift a big cloud hanging over China's economy, and if he can't agree deal with vendor backward. I started it's always suspect. Would they will with here? Some noise around more proactive making steps to stoke stoke growth, but also they can only do so much until you know, the the trade negotiations is the waterway issue. No longer. A concern connected to the trade negotiations. It complicates things. And it's certainly a huge token point here, so far optically at least you'd have to think it appears though they're being kept separate by both d US on China, by the way, no sending President Trump's comments earlier this week, it looks as though China's pushing ahead with measures such as buying soybeans for the first time since the trade war started or colleagues in Beijing wrote about how they're planning to water down or considering a watering down of their made in twenty twenty-five strategy on the lake. So it seems as though they're taking these measures which would appear in good faith. And of course, skeptics say China has more to do on the trade story. But nonetheless, the hallway issue appears those been kept separate from the trae Tokes for now at least whether or not it all gets muddle together in the coming months, I remains to be seen. I think the I mean, at least from my perspective, the mood music seems to have shifted somewhat between Washington and Beijing. The question is if that will carry through in the next few months and a car and Bloomberg's chief. Asia economics. Correspondent thanks so much for talking as three thousand details this morning. Let's get the world national news now for that. We're going to say MacDill off Sandra good morning. Matt members of the yellow vest movement plan to protest in Paris and across FRANZ tomorrow despite mounting security concerns following the terror attack in Strasbourg, according to spokesman, the government hasn't decided whether to ban the protests, but will deploy security forces, regardless. Meanwhile, French prosecutors say the man who added three people in Strasbourg this week has been shot dead. Police were attempting to arrest of Chicago's on the street when he turned into opened fire his Strasbourg mayor Roland Reese, I am personally very relieved for my colleagues around me for Strasbourg for France. I think that it is good news and as much as the people of Strasbourg grind settled terrorist among us and where he had run to not known. So I think this will bring about a return to normal life that we can now get on with again. The news comes as a fifth person has been arrested in connection with the attack. Kosovo's? Parliament is expected to adopt laws that will turn its police force into a fully-fledged army. Bloomberg's Michelle salvage says it raises tensions in one of Europe's most volatile regions. The move is controversial because the neighboring Serbia religious pulsa was the city the decade ago fears, it may be used against the dwindling minority living in the predominantly ethnic Albanian possible. The Balkan senators are not likely to ease with emerges of yet. Another military in beltway, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. And virgin galactic has successfully sent it spaceship to rocket ship to the edge of space legend boss, Richard Branson, says he expects to start taking into space within months is this a very very very exciting time for investors. Investing in commercial space companies and the market we believe is enormous seven something like eighty percent of the people we research if they could afford it would love to go to space, and it's up to us to do. Global news twenty four hours a day on air net. Take talk on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and Anisimov, the one hundred twenty countries Kilhof.

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