A highlight from Gary Gensler Grilled on Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval | EP 834

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Yo, welcome to another episode of Simply Bitcoin Live, our number one source for the peaceful Bitcoin revolution of current breaking news culture, Matic Warfare. We will be your guide through the separation of money and state today. Speaking of the separation of money and state, today's going to be an interesting episode. We have so many clips that, you know, so many Bitcoin news sources were just posting on Twitter of Gary Gensler being completely annihilated yesterday in Congress. A lot of people were just asking them very basic questions. Is Bitcoin a commodity or is it a security? He couldn't give a straight answer to that. Why are you guys delaying a spot Bitcoin ETF? You guys know our take at Simply Bitcoin. We've been covering this diligently for the last couple months or so. We believe at this point, you know, it might be, there's no, you can't say for sure, but it sure does seem like it could potentially be politically motivated. Why? Because we know how the Biden administration feels about the industry. We had Caitlin Long on Simply Bitcoin IRL and she said that her bank, the custodia bank that she's launching in Wyoming, was denied a federal banking charter. She believes that that order came directly from the White House. Also, not to mention all the other reports that came out, for example, the presidential economic report that came out earlier on this year where they made the case as to why central bank is necessary, why CBDCs are necessary, and so that being said, also we were talking to our guest today backstage and he wanted to talk about Bitcoin potentially returning to China, so we added that into the news lineup. That's gonna be an interesting conversation. All in all, I'm super hyped for today's show. Like always, no more delay. Let's bring Brandon on up on stage. How you doing, Brandon? Brandon from Bitcoin magazine. How you doing, bro? Hey man, it's good to see you. I'm doing well. Welcome to the show, but yeah dude, the conversation we were having, you know, before we went on air just fascinated me because that's something that we've been covering for a couple months now, right? This whole thing where, you know, the CCP China is using Hong Kong as, we make the case that they're using as a test bed, right? To, you know, try to incentivize, you know, industry players to come from overseas to set up shop in Hong Kong and there's been even articles that have admitted that they needed the stamp of approval from Beijing in order for that to happen. I think it's just another example of you can't resist Bitcoin's incentives, but you were telling me some things before that I didn't know, which I'm really, really excited to talk about today. So yeah man, welcome to the show. Anyways, I also want to bring up my legendary co -host, always optimistic. He has something different about him today. How you doing, Opti? I am doing wonderful. What's up, guys? How you doing today? Excited for today's show. I do have a new mic in here. That's what Niko is talking about. We're upgrading here. I'm not sure if I dialed in the settings yet, so tell me in the chat whether I need to dial them in more. But man, what's up everyone? We're back! Good to have you, Niko. As I was telling everyone in spaces, you know, I enjoy doing the hosting duties, but I love being the passenger princess and just hanging out and talking Bitcoin with my friends.

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