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And just boil it down to the fact that they deprive the American people of real information that was reported by the New York Post. They had no right to do that. They had no right to censor that. It was the Obama deep state officials and the FBI that pressured and not even pressured that made them basically not talk about deleted and simply by that control and by censoring any conversation about the Hunter Biden laptop, they in that instance influenced the election in a way that favored one candidate over the other. And people need to go to jail for that period. Welcome everybody to the financial guys podcast. Thanks again for downloading and listening. We do appreciate it. If you can hit the like button and share, we appreciate that as well. Mike and Glenn here of course got a lot to talk to you about today as there's a lot on the, I got, I think this morning we must've fired back and forth, like I don't know, like 50 different, there's so much in the news, a lot of national stuff. So, um, you know, it's, it's, I mean, it's unreal where we are with this country as far as, you know, so video emerges from J six of officer asking about identifiers for undercover cops. I mean, this is unreal that this stuff goes nowhere. That's what's so frustrating about it. Thousand people are still indicted and jail. Some of them are in jail for years. A lot of them are in jail for years. They're still going after people. This is the largest investigation and arrest bust of ever and U and U S history for, for mainly trespassing. Just, just not to defend anything. I'm not defending what happened on January 6th. We were actually recording our radio show at the time it was happening. So we were recording in and talking about it in real time. And talking about how horrible it was that they were breaking into the doing any damage. But the damage that they did was in the millions. And there was nobody killed on January six. Nobody. Well, I shouldn't say that. Ashley Babbitt was killed, I'm sorry. And another innocent, uh, uh, person was a protest that was killed. No police officers were killed that day. Um, now compare that with the 22 or more officers that were killed or people plus officers that were killed during the BLM riots, the Antifa riots, billions and billions in the B trillion dollars a trillion dollars worth of damage. Milwaukee, Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson. I mean you name it, all these cities across the country. Couple that Glenn with us finding out now that these people, many of them escorted in and baited many of them baited. That's right. Hey, come on in, come on in by FBI agents. We have it on video. We have it on video. That's right. What is really amazing is this is the United States of America and nobody's figuring out who these people are. Nobody's going after them. It's just so frustrating. What's for the problem, Mike, is that you got Mitch McConnell in the Senate. He's half dead. I don't think I'm peaching. You don't think impeaching, I think he should be marched out of jail. I mean, are you serious? Yeah. The amount of evidence now is not good for the Biden is outrageous. Yeah. Outrageous. It's a mountain. It's a mountain. I mean, it's a mountain. I mean, not only do you have the bloody footprints going, I've been using that analogy. Like these are the bloody footprints going back to OJ's house. Yeah. You have now found a knife in his drawer. That's right. With his fingerprints on it. I don't, I don't know what else you would be in a video and a video of it and a video of the whole of that. I mean, it's just unbelievable. Did you see Mitch McConnell getting booed? Hilarious. They were chanting retire, retire, retire. He and you know, and again, just like Biden, I mean he's got, he's got problems. He's got, he's got some, probably the beginning stages of dementia. You can see it. I don't know where I am. You know, here's the deal. His net worth is 35 frigging million dollars, right? He makes a hundred grand a year. His net worth is $35 million. It does not take a Harvard mathematician to figure out that there's some kind of bullshit going on. It doesn't. You don't need to have an advanced degree, you know, from, from Yale to figure out that that math just doesn't, you know, what's amazing then is they've all figured out the most amazing investment system ever. And folks like, we've got people on our team that are, you know, 40 years of experience, CFAs on CNBC and they cannot on a weekly basis and we can't recreate the model that a, that these folks have figured out. What we haven't done yet is bring on any Chinese spies onto our team. That's the mistake that we're making. See, and that's where Mitch McConnell was married to a, I'm saying she's a spy, but she is Chinese and I have no idea what kind of connection she has back to her family. And I don't know. You can't take it. I don't know. But I gotta be honest, he seems to be awfully on the side of China Joe who we do know has received, you know, when Trump talks about this stuff, I was listening to a very smart pundit I was talking to, and he even missed the point on this. Hunter Biden went over to China. He got immediately and came back, got set up an investment advisory firm. This is our business. We know this. Immediately got an investment from the Chinese communist party for $3 billion. Right now he charges 1 % on that. That makes $3 million a year just by sucking off that $3 billion that the Chinese communist party invested in his firm. Not a re not a registered investment advisor, Glenn, no background in being a CFA or any of that. No, just like he didn't have any background as a oil executive or any experience running a business or any experience as a painter and experience in real estate or anything else. You and I have assembled one of the most dynamic teams, if not the most dynamic team in all of Western New York, right? Chartered financial analysts, certified financial planners, certified social security claiming strategist, certified college planning experts, certified estate planning experts, Dave Ramsey certified experts. The list goes on and on. We do not have any billion dollar accounts from China. Isn't that remarkable? No, that's remarkable. Some drug addicts got $3 billion, right? The difference is we have to follow the law. We have to do things like, you know, OFAC reports, which is the background checks that we have to do to check for terrorists and criminal time. You mean the one that Hunter comes up on time and time again? Those are the SARS report. Those are the suspicious activity reports. There's a website by the way. I haven't had a chance to even look at the website, Mike, but there is a website out there that has listed all of the SARS reports. I don't know. They're supposed to be non -public. I don't know how they got their hands on these, but I haven't looked at them. I don't intend to talk about them, but what I have heard about them, I will talk about them a little bit here. I'm not going to go on and look at them, research them and get into, it's just too much news coming fast and furious. But the latest regarding those SARS reports, I'm not sure if you heard this, Mike, but a number of those are the, the suspicion was sex trafficking. Did you know that? That was part of it now. So, so not only is it a prostitution, money laundering, you know, all kinds of suspicious activity, a good chunk of those 150 plus now, I think approaching 200 suspicious activity reports, were for, for, for sex trafficking. And it's just, it's just, I mean, maybe I should go look at them, look at them and pull them up and we'll pull out some, some specific ones and talk about them on the radio. Maybe that'd be a good show for a, we fill in for Bob Lonsbury on Monday. Maybe we could talk about some of that because maybe, maybe we should do a, more detail on it. I don't want to talk about it. So, because number one, you're not supposed to talk about SARS reports, but if they're public, they're public, but number two, again, there's, I think, you know, yes, that's hugely important information. Absolutely. Hunter needs to be going to be investigated. Absolutely. And probably should be in jail for sure. Right. He's done disgusting things, including with his own niece and his brother and his, on his deceased brother's widow. That needs to start by the way, with the FBI, which has corrupt us how, right. But I'm more concerned about the Biden, the big guy. I'm more concerned about, you know, should all be asked to investigate it. It's clear, it's clear that it leads right up to him. Right. Now we're, now we're finding out that, you know, some of these people have visited the white house 30 times, 35 times, right here, by the way, let's play this quick video. I don't, I haven't played this, but this is him getting booed. It's just worth, worth the, worth the listen.

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