A highlight from 117: Part 1: Charles Lutz Takes on Unpopular Causes from Vietnam to DEA to TSA

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We dispensing are with our usual introduction, because apparently it has triggered ads in foreign languages, so. Has it really? Yes, we're getting some people apparently, some folks, depending on what part of the country you're in, have been receiving Spanish language ads when I do my traditional introduction. Really? We'll just say, we'll give the redneck. Well, hey, we'll see if it comes out in redneck. Hey, hey, hey, y 'all, what's up? It's Bubba and Bubby. It's Bubba, and it's my brother, Darrell, and my other brother, Darrell. My brother, Darrell, my other brother, Darrell. Yeah, well, hey, guys, welcome to Game of Crimes podcast. Let's see, we'll see if it changes the algorithm. Hey, guys, as always, welcome back. Just before we get started, just a little bit of quick housekeeping, head on over to Apple Spotify. Hit those five stars. We've been getting a lot of good comments. People are leaving some stuff. Spotify allows you to give comments on the episode. Guys, we really appreciate that. Also head on over to our website, gameofcrimespodcast .com. We will have the book, when we talk about our guests, listed there as well, too. Go to our book page. We've got some fabulous books coming out and some fabulous guests. So gameofcrimespodcast .com. Follow us on that thing they call social media at Game of Crimes on Twitter, Game of Crimes podcast on Facebook and the Instagram. And also check out our favorite mafia queen, Sandy Salvato, who runs the Game of Crimes fan page with a, you know, iron fist and velvet glove. That's right. Just go to facebook .com and just put in Game of Crimes fans and you will be just, hey, answer a couple quick questions, get admittance to the inner sanctum where all the good stuff happens. But you know where else good stuff happens, Murph? Where is that? Patreon slash .com Game of Crimes. We've got some good stuff. We just, I think we did a really good case of the month. We talked about the ambush killing of the deputy in Klinkenbroomer out in Los Angeles. And we talked about the escapee, which by the way, Murph. So folks, they got to listen if you're not on there, but you actually got, you were on the national news talking with Lawrence Jones about that. I was, and it's a very short interview. So don't get excited, but we're talking about the fugitive in Pennsylvania because since then there's been two more in other states. Yeah, well, and we give you our thoughts about that one, but it had to be short because it was late at night and Murph usually is asleep by that time, so. They don't know that I got my pajama bottoms on underneath my shirt I'm wearing. I don't want to know. I don't want to know. Hey guys, but that's where the fun stuff happens. But yeah, and the other thing too, real quick, Murph, before we get into talking about one of our fun things, you will be appearing on CBS in a show. You can't talk about it yet. Oh, I can't talk about it yet? I just got picked up last night for a second episode. Well, then I will cut this part out. No, no, it's okay. I just don't name the show yet. Oh, don't name the show. So we can talk about it. We just can't talk about it. Not sure when it's going to be released. Originally they were saying fall, but now they're saying late winter, early spring. So we'll see. We won't say, is it okay to say CBS? You already did. Well, we can edit this out. Is it okay to leave it in? Yeah, it's fine. Okay. If it's not, I'll hear about it. I doubt that they listened to our podcast, but anyway. Hey, I tell you what, the crew, you know, I gave them all business cards and they're like, oh, I'm going to listen to it tonight. So, all righty. Well, we won't say anything, but just suffice it to say is that you will, if things work out, we'll be seeing you on the telly. It just shows you how hard they are for talent. Boy, are they? Let's hope that this writer's strike resolves itself really soon in actors. Well, no, no, no, no. Cause as long as it's unscripted, I'm making money.

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