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Star team. Did I leave anybody out? I hope not. If I did, I'm just going to say it takes a village every day, every week, and we so appreciate them. Catch our weekend show, Bloomberg Business Week, as I said, 8 a .m. on Bloomberg Radio and our podcast feed. Jess, thank you so much for always jumping in here. Always a pleasure. We appreciate it, really. And check out Jess's story. It's going to be on the Bloomberg over the weekend. That does it for Bloomberg Business Week. I'm Carol Master with Jess Mattingen for 10 Stenebeck, Wall Street Week with David Weston. It starts right now. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg .com and the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg Radio. This is a Bloomberg Money Minute. The company a lot of us turn to for grocery shopping and delivery during pandemic lockdowns had to move beyond that when its growth started to fade. So now Instacart focuses more on the consumer data it collects that helps grocery stores sell more. Instacart saw revenue grow by nearly a third during the first half of this year. Now it's getting ready to go public and that process could start next month. The April explosion that destroyed a SpaceX rocket in Texas shortly after takeoff destroyed a lot of other things, too. It left concrete chunks strewn across tidal flats. Federal wildlife officials have questioned whether they were blocked from the site. Elon Musk is notoriously private about company doings. SpaceX isn't commenting. On Wall Street, investors focused on Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell, saying today what he said for a while about raising interest rates that the central bank will move carefully. That led to gains of about three quarters to one percent. The Dow up two hundred forty seven. The Nasdaq one hundred twenty seven. The S &P twenty nine. Joan Doneger Bloomberg Radio. You heard the phrase the voice of experience. You're the guy that made the bet with Warren Buffett. I get that that might go on my tombstone. There's actually more than one of them. Writing on Star Wars was crazy fun. The voices of experience tell their stories on Masters in Business. When I got hired in twenty thirteen.

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