A highlight from 1414: Bitcoin Will Reach $10 Million By This Date - Adam Back


In today's show, Bitcoin priced the $30 ,000 in October, says analysts as the Bitcoin price climbs 2%. And check it out, Coinbase CEO slams Chase UK for a totally inappropriate crypto move. And I'd say the same thing. Also, breaking news, the SEC chairman Gary Gensler says Bitcoin is not a security, but refuses to say it's a commodity. Max Keiser's response, Bitcoin is a synthetic commodity willed into existence by humanity's greed as a species for perfect money. It regulates itself, and it obviates the need for the nation state preach. Also in today's show, we'll be discussing the SEC pushes back the deadline for ARK 21 shares, spot Bitcoin ETF to January, continuing to kick the can down the road. However, breaking news, US lawmakers call on the SEC chairman Gary Gensler to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF immediately. Key word, immediately. Also in today's show, we'll be discussing Bitcoin price can hit $10 million within the next nine years, according to the Blockstream CEO, Adam Back. And speaking of a $10 million Bitcoin price, did you know Hal Finney was calculating a Bitcoin price of $10 million per coin just one week after the Genesis block on January 3rd of 2009? Talk about an absolute legend. We'll also be taking a look at the overall crypto market, all this plus so much more in today's show. Yo, what's good crypto fam? This is first and foremost, a video show. So if you want the full premium experience with video, visit my YouTube channel at cryptonewsalerts .net. Again that's cryptonewsalerts .net. Welcome to everyone just joining us on our live stream. This is pod episode number 1414. I'm your host JV and today is September 27th, 2023. We've got another action packed show for you today. Let's kick it off with our market watch. It's good to see a lot of the cryptos are back in the green with Bitcoin holding on to $26 ,200 as support and checking out coinmarketcap .com we can see the crypto market cap pretty stagnant at just above a trillion dollars, we're roughly $28 billion in volume in the past 24 hours with a Bitcoin dominance pretty stagnant as well at 48 .9 % and the ether dominance at 18 .3 % and checking out the top 100 crypto gainers of the past 24 hours. We got Bitcoin cash leading the pack up 7 % trading at roughly $230 followed by the infamous Pepe up 5 .6 % followed by Chainlink up three and a half percent trading at $7 .65. Which altcoins if any are you most bullish on right now? Drop it in the comment section right down below and at the end of the show I'll be reading everyone's comments out loud and checking out the top 100 crypto gainers of the past week we can see it's a mix between a sea of red and a sea of green. We have Bitcoin cash up 7 % again link is up three and a half percent and RLB up four and a half percent and checking out one of my favorite indicators which is the crypto greed and fear index you can see we're currently rated a 46 in fear yesterday was a 47 last week a 46 and last month a 38 in fear so there you have it fam how many of you are bullish for this upcoming October which is only a few days out? Let me know your honest thoughts in the comments right down below and speaking of technical analysis let's dive into today's ta and check out the charts and what is popping with the king crypto.

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