Dr. Robert Lustig: 'Sugar Is Not a Food'


Say food drives both illness and wellness is the poison and the antidote so what's happened to our food what what's taken it from my great grandparents had a farm they had chickens garden they ate real food and so in the last what 120 years throughout history we've changed it messed with it it's not food anymore. Exactly so the question is what's the definition of food answer go to the dictionary here's the answer substrate that contributes either to growth or burning of an organism that's a great definition it's a fine definition I am 110 % behind that definition okay growth or burning exactly right okay so let's take burning first turns out fructose actually inhibits burning now people say fructose is four calories per gram yeah that's if you blow it up in a bomb calorimeter if you add it to a mitochondria and it actually inhibits burning and that's how we burn so you actually reduce the amount of burning because you inhibit mitochondrial function and fructose does it three ways it inhibits three separate enzymes involved in how mitochondria burn energy I won't bore your audience with the details right now that's a little too much science a little bit too much inside baseball but you know we have the data and it's the same thing that happens to alcohol it's in fact it's the same reason that aspirin causes rise syndrome and we don't give aspirin to children anymore because you know we don't want them to basically die a fatty liver disease so the bottom line is sugar it actually inhibits burning okay now let's take growth my colleague at Hebrew University Jerusalem Dr. Efrat Monsonigo or none has shown in several papers now that ultra processed food and in particular sugar actually inhibit growth inhibits skeletal growth it inhibits trabecular cortical bone growth inhibits long bone growth and it actually hijacks growth because it actually feeds cancer cells so if a energy substrate does not contribute to growth and does not contribute to burning is it a food well alcohol is an energy substrate 7 calories per gram it does not contribute to growth and it does not contribute to burning is it a food no transplants are 9 calories per gram they inhibit mitochondrial function they inhibit growth are they a food no so just because something's an energy source doesn't make it a food right sugar is not a food it is a food additive when you think of it that way then it turns the whole table on exactly what it is we're eating because ultra processed food is high sugar food and the reason is because the sugars been put in for palatability it's been put in to make you eat it because if you taste it that ultra processed food without the sugar that's been added to it and sugars added to 74 % of the items in the American grocery store on purpose you know for the food industry's purpose is not for yours you would never eat that it would taste like garbage so yeah bottom line sugar is not food

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