Democrats Vote Early, Republicans Vote Day Of


Elections now have transformed into Democrats voting early and Republicans voting on election day. That has become not only more of a train we saw even in 2020. 2018, early on, this would have not been true. Early on what election, early voting would have had typically Republicans had some early votes, so did the Democrats, but it was not as pronounced as we're seeing now. I'll give you an example of Arizona. We just saw that most of all the early votes that came in were decided to lay Democrat. Georgia, again, this was one and we'll talk about more in depth in just a minute, but Georgia, the early voting was, I mean, more than just decidedly demographic. It was overwhelmingly Democrat. But yet when the day of voting came in early day of these went overwhelming Republican and you had Brian Kemp who won easily over Stacey Abrams and down the ticket where they were in the first 45 minutes or an hour of reporting when these early vowels were being counted. Kim, everybody on the ticket was down. All that flip that on day of voting. So what is this really interesting now from a perspective of a Republican and a Democrat either the Democrats now depend on early voting, they're using the mail the early vote about my own or they're using early voting to get their votes out. Republicans are now depending on day of voting, which is going to be interesting over time because it's always been one of those things if you have issues on day of if you had last minute things come up, depending on the day of voting is typically has a little more fraud to it, especially if you're in a state like Georgia and others who have a very generous early voting time frame going backwards or three weeks where you can actually in person early vote during the week and on weekends. So

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