Mike Pompeo: Head of Teacher’s Union Is the ‘Most Dangerous'


Actually has a very good point here, as I pointed out and wrote this a couple of years ago back in 2019 and my book culture Jihad. That the radical leftists were actually using our nation's public education system to advance their radical agenda. So in essence, the reason why our country has changed so radically over such a short amount of time is because of the indoctrination that's happening inside our public school classrooms. Now many moms and dads, you weren't aware. You had plenty of stuff to do. I mean, you send your kids just like grandma and grandpa and great grandpa and great grandpa. You sent your kids to school and they had a school marm a teacher and you learned your lessons. You learned how to add and subtract and you learn how to read and write, you learned about dissecting a frog. Little boys went to shop class and they learned how to change tires and change the oil and how to build shelves and little girls learn how to make delicious pancakes and waffles with blueberries on top. That's how life was in America. And you know what? We won world wars. When we had an education system like that. And if you made a mistake, you screwed up. It wasn't the teacher's fault. You got your butt spanked in the school, and then you got it twice as hard, once you got home. And guess what? Generations of American boys and girls grew up, they became patriots. They became hardworking taxpayers, respectable citizens, and community leaders. And they'll do that anymore. Now you go to school, your poor kid comes home, and then let me know what their pronouns are. So I think Pompeo is right here when he says that the most dangerous person in the world is the leader of the teacher's union right here in the United States of America.

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