Governor Abbott Calls for Investigation of Harris County, Texas


So often we hear about these election improprieties, election irregularities. And then we just wait and nothing ever happens. Now, I'm happy to say this came out from Greg Abbott, the reelected governor of Texas. I'm calling for an investigation into the widespread problems with the Harris county elections last Tuesday. And the allegation of election improprieties in our state's largest county. By the way, this is a county that includes Houston. May result from anything ranging from malfeasance to blatant criminal conduct. So he's going to look into it and he's calling on people to look into it. And this is very new. But more importantly, I mean, I'm glad Greg is on this, but people will say Greg Abbott is a Republican and he didn't like the results because you know Greg Abbott in Harris county lost. Beto o'rourke got more votes than he did, right? However, and as you know, people that don't understand, Harris county is the largest county in Texas. It's almost 5 million voters. So Harris county encompasses all of Houston and a few surrounding areas and that's about 4.7 million people. But the most, I think, interesting part of all this is that the DA in Harris county, who is a Democrat, her name is Kim ogg is calling for an investigation herself.

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