Messi and Argentina advance at World Cup, beat Poland 2-0


Longer challenger for that crown with Messi has steered Portugal into the last 16. It's Ronaldo, it's one zero Portugal. And it's a moment of World Cup history. Portugal in front, but although the World Cup brings together most of the world's best players, it doesn't have room for all of them. Football is a team game, and if your national team isn't good enough, or maybe if you don't get picked, you don't get to go. No matter how earth shattering your skills may be. In fact, the history of football is full of stars who never appeared on the game's greatest stage. Most of those who've missed out over the years have been from small countries without enough other good players to get through the qualifying stages. Liberia's George weah is one of the best examples. In the mid 1990s, he was called by many the world's best player. He won league titles in France with Paris Saint-Germain, and in Italy, with a similar. But he couldn't haul his country to a World Cup. Now George wayo is a national hero all the same. That no doubt helped him become Liberia's president in 2018.

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