A Big Courtroom Win for a Christian Baker in California


I'd like to talk about the Christian baker, who refused to bake a cake. Because of a demand that it be okay celebrating a gay wedding. But it's not the bake or you're thinking about. You're thinking about the baker in Colorado. What was his name, honey Jack? Phillips, Jacques Phillips is his name, but I'm actually talking about a similar case in California, involving a woman, her name is Kathy Miller. And she runs a bakery called taste, pastries bakery in Bakersfield, California. Now, she had been approached to design a custom cake for a wedding ceremony, and this is actually Kathy Miller in 2017, quote here at taste trees we love everyone. My husband and I Christians, we know God created everyone. He created everyone equal, so it's not like we don't like people of certain groups. There's just certain things that violate my conscience. So by the way, her position very similar to the position of Jack Phillips in Colorado, but Kathy Miller gets sued by California's department of fair housing and employment. This was under something called the unruh Civil Rights Act of 1959, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race ethnicity or religion. A pause for a moment because here you have a civil rights law, which is basically supposed to protect people from being discriminated against on the basis of race or ethnicity or you guessed it religion. And what's going on here, Kathy Miller is being discriminated against or being targeted or in this case being it is being demanded of her that she go against her own religious beliefs and her own conscience and say something that she really doesn't want to say.

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