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AP sports I'm Josh rowntree the U.S. began its World Cup group action Monday playing to a one one draw with Wales Tim wea opened the scoring for the Americans which next play England on Friday On Monday Night Football in Mexico City the forty-niners rolled over Arizona 38 to ten Jimmy Garoppolo had 228 passing yards and four touchdowns San Francisco is now 6 and four Colt McCoy and trace mcsorley played quarterback for injured Kyler Murray They combined for 247 yards and two picks for four and 7 Arizona In the NBA the bucks beat the heat one 19 and one 11 behind Yanis and 37 points on the ice the bruins got by the lightning 5 three It was a historic night for Ford Patrice bergeron who picked up his 1000th career point with an assist And in college football Virginia has canceled Saturday's game a second straight This time against Virginia tech in the wake of the shooting deaths of three of the team's players I'm Josh Valtteri AP sports

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