Eric Tells Us About His Recent Trip to Lynchburg, Virginia


I was in Lynchburg, Virginia. At Liberty University, for an amazing event, Ryan helfenbein, Ryan is amazing. And he heads up the faith and freedom center at liberty. Ryan put together this conference, Sean Foyt was there, Liz Wheeler was there, Megan basham, my hero, Megan bed she's amazing. We spend time with her. Ralph Reed was, I mean, all these friends and it was amazing and lieutenant governor mark, was it Robinson, North Carolina, who's just a fighter. It was the whole thing was incredible. But I had to leave the next day because now this is the thing. I knew I was going to be in Pittsburgh because I spoke yesterday three times at grace life church pastor pastures book and Amy schaeffer invited me to speak here in Pittsburg because I was in Harrisburg. We met whatever ten days ago when I was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. So they invited me to be here. And then I get a phone call from you, Alvin seda, telling me, hey Eric, Saturday, which was two days ago, when you're going to be in Pittsburgh, guess what's happening in that neck of the Woods. And I said, what's happening, Alban? I've been telling the people what was happening. Well, Doug mass gianno Emmett Oz and president Donald Trump were campaigning and they had a big rally in latrobe PA. Right. So we cooked up a scheme where your identical twin brother, who I believe also had a birthday two days ago. That's right. What a coincidence. That's amazing. He picked me up from the airport. And he looked so much like you that it's kind of disturbing. It's kind of like wait a minute. You're Alvin. No, you're not Alvin. Yes, you're out, but no, you're not Alvin. Who are you?

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