Cliff Schecter on How House Democrats Should Handle Republicans


I don't think Republicans are going to work with us. They have no interest in lowering inflation or anything. This is all they're going to do is investigation. Let's say that. Sorry, go ahead. No, I said, how do we handle that? Democratic mess. Well, so here's what I would say. First of all, paint them into a corner. We don't do that enough. You know they create these demons with people like Nancy Pelosi who aren't even demons. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a demon. Yeah. She should be the face of their party. She's the one pulling on McCarthy strings. And they're not even guaranteed that he has the votes yet. So what I'm hoping is, go ahead. Go ahead, no finish, 'cause yeah, go ahead. I did a little bit of research, and you have to do a lot of research to find normal Republicans. And there are actually like three or four in the house. There's one Latina from the Miami area who voted in favor of background checks, version in favor of the keeping the Affordable Care Act was pro choice and also their stuff. And I thought, why don't Democrats grab the half dozen Republicans who are sane, go and make a power sharing agreement, make this woman speaker and just get her to agree to bring up some decent legislation and just chop Kevin McCarthy because already. He doesn't have the votes. Well, this is the shade that Jeffrey's just through, just real quick. Let's take a listen. Hakeem Jeffries. On what you just said. You expect that Kevin McCarthy is going to be speaker? Well, that's a question at the end of the day that the Republicans are going to have to work out. He seems to be having a difficult time at this moment getting the two 18. But we'll see what happens on January 3rd. Yes. I was going to see the other one that would be a good candidate is David valadao from the Fresno area because his district is actually a Biden controlled district, but he got reelected. But he voted for impeachment. He also voted on the gun safety and he also voted for abortion rights. And another one of those ones I liked. I didn't know if he had held on though, is that been officially his officially held on? It looks like he's going to win. I don't know if it's been a call yet, but if I am happy to be happy like you, I have not given up on the blue tsunami. I think there might be just enough GOP that are either indicted. Or we can bring the others to sanity and we could still control the house.

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