Catalonia's ex-leader appears before judge in Germany


The stormy daniels as she's been threatened and intimidated to keep quiet about a sexual relationship she says she has had with donald trump in her first tv interview on the subject with the american network cbs standards described to being approached by an unknown man in las vegas compaq i was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with my infant daughter taking the seats facing backwards in the backseat diaper bag getting all the stuff out and a guy walked up on me and said to me leave trump along forget the story and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said it's a beautiful little girl it'd be a shame if something how mature mom and then he was gone in the interview miss daniels described having unprotected sex with mr trump in nevada in two thousand and six has already correspondent in los angeles james cook stormy daniels said she had sex with donald trump only once she said she was not attracted to him but he offered a place on his reality tv show the apprentice and they had consensual sex i'm not a victim she said just before the two thousand sixteen presidential election miss daniels says she accepted one hundred and thirty thousand dollars in hush money for mr trump's personal lawyer because she says she was concerned for her family's safety critics of the president claimed that was an illegal campaign contribution she's now suing to get out of the nondisclosure agreement mr trump's lawyer denies threatening miss daniels and mr trump denies the affair the the former leader of catalonia college puts them on will appear in court in germany later for the start of extradition proceedings to spain he's wanted in spain for organizing an illegal referendum last year on catalan independence damien mcguinness reports from berlin catalonia's former leader has spent the night in a prison in northern germany and later today would appear before a german judge who will decide whether mr pooch two months should remain in custody while the extradition order is being processed he has support from some far left and far right politicians in germany but crucially not from the german government's berlin backs madrid stance that it would be illegal for catalonia to break away unilaterally a.

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