New CIA director named, protests begin as president heads to Southern California – Orange County Register


Venit has fixed tire before with his fix a flat as well don't know i know we didn't use fixer flattering just to generate grape jello where did you tell me once that's not people come on we've done enough here's wendy this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago if you have a smart speaker just say play wgn radio on tune in news sponsored by athletico physical therapy here's steve bertrand mostly cloudy thirty one degrees now at o'hare governor rauner says he will veto a gun bill that would have required the state to licensed gun dealers you may remember police superintendent eddie johnson on steve cochran earlier this week mayor emanuel's been pushing hard for the governor to sign it but he said in downstate radio interview today that he instead will veto it the that prompted the mayor to say the governor put his primary election ahead of his primary responsibility to protect the safety of the people of chicago and illinois the governor is being challenged from the right in next week's primary president trump is telling reporters that he made the decision secretary of state tillerson all by himself he says tillerson will be much happier now and he appreciates service at a point where we're getting very close to having the cabinet and other things that i want meantime president trump's personal assistant jon mcentee was fired yesterday for unspecified security reasons he was removed from the white house wall street journal reporting that and says that he has now joined the president's reelection campaign a former vernon hills soccer coach faces sexual assault charges in court today prosecutors have charged corey beard with a dozen counts of criminal sexual assault several male victims come forward with accusations against her burnin hills high school board members voted last night to fire the twenty eight year old okay motion say they're working to try to recover deleted text and pictures from cell phones and computers tribune says the seventeen year old boys been charged with bringing a gun to alcott college prep and lakeview that happened last wednesday in alabama one person is confirmed that many others hurt in a bus crash there a charter tour bus carrying students on a school trip from houston texas plunged into a.

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