Tony Robbins Apologizes for Saying Women Use


And two kids inside the chrysler pacifica were killed investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash however slick roads may have played a role one of the nation's most popular life coaches tony robbins is under fire for comments he recently made about the metoo movement at a recent seminar robbins said sexual harassment victims were quote making themselves significant by making somebody else wrong robbins is now apologizing writing on facebook i watch in awe as more and more women all over the world find their voice and stand up and speak out all of our growth begins with learning it is clear that i still have much to learn i need to get connected to the brave women of hashtag metoo abc's linsey davis reporting scientists think they may be learning why our brains form less well as we age for many years it was thought the brain didn't produce new cells leading to declines and everything from memory to reasoning and language now researchers at columbia university of found older people have just as many new brain cells from memory as younger people but there's less blood flowing to those new cells in other words newer cells aren't as active in older brain that does it matter that if we have new cells if they're not working i i guess not wake up that's every day monday stevenson auto providing your look at the news this morning is nine thirty six colorado's morning news koa newsradio it's staying lighter longer you guys lighter traffic not so much of course will shed light on alternate routes and backups on your way home because seeing all the cars in front of you that i'm gonna be late won't get you there any faster moving with koa newsradio this is dave logan dan capitalist is the only personal injury lawyer i endorse call dan for a free consultation that 3037705551 or you can go to dan capless law dot com again that's dan capitalist law dot com the thought of buying or selling a home could fill you with anxiety but it doesn't need to let chad madeline relieve your anxiety with his fast sale guarantee chad guarantees to sell your home and if it doesn't sell he'll buy it plus if you're unhappy terminate your listing at any time for any reason chad so confident he promises he'll find your dream home even before you sell your current house if you're interested.

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