Search for missing autistic boy takes grim turn as father is arrested


Read something to you from bloomberg news on november eighth of two thousand sixteen clinton win democrat senate seen by analyst charlie cook who's sound bite we just played saying fear republican be really nauseous right now because it looks like it's curtains political analyst charlie cook in the national journal predicts that hillary clinton will win the presidency and democrats will take control of the senate he says donald trump has no margin of error and would need to win all twenty four states carried by mitt romney in two thousand twelve to win the race frank luntz on twitter november eight two thousand sixteen hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states despite being wrong repeatedly so they are continually turned to and asked for the results of their research and analysis and they were wrong they were proudly i mean they they were loud really confident in a moment wockhardt deputies in mississippi a thousand the body of a double murder suspect from east ridge wanting three year old casey james law horn telling thirties he shot and killed his mother in one of his friends at the family's home on john ross road just after midnight sunday it's car spotted on i fifty nine near laurel mississippi if he'd he's there say they have recovered the body of law horn search for a missing five year old autistic boy from middle tennessee has led to his dad's arrest more from w g o w's louis league five year old joke lie daniels was reported missing by his parents wednesday the boy was unable to speak because of severe autism after three days of searching under an endangered child alert his father joe ray daniels was taken into custody charged with criminal homicide investigators with tb i say daniels purposely killed his son and hid the body the search for the body continues won't news online anytime you want news twelve now on the talk monster w gop day one for a new employee instead of joining in productively they face a confusing disjointed process and piles of paper forms.

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