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President trump calls it a witch hunt i'm jacky quin with an ap news minute president trump while deciding how to respond to an alleged chemical attack on civilians in syria denounced the special counsel and federal prosecutors who authorized a raid on his lawyer's offices that's a disgrace it's frankly a real disgrace say an attack on our country michael cohen has been an ardent defender in trump's businesses his personal and political affairs for more than a decade the trump administration's announcing new rules for insurance marketplaces under the affordable care act consumer advocates say this could whittle away at coverage for people have serious health problems facebook ceo set to testify about user's privacy before congress while apple cofounder steve wozniak says he's dropping facebook buys all the houses around his and all the lots around houston i own privacy knows the value of it but he's not looking after mine stocks closed higher the dow gained forty six points i'm jackie quinn north korea's told the us kim jong hoon is ready to discuss his nuclear program with president trump as the ap sagar meghani reports invitation came directly from shaun king rather than from third countries like south korea the trump administration has long said after korea was not ready to discuss the giving up its nuclear program there was no reason for the two countries to talk the confirmation kim jong un is ready to discuss it boosts the likelihood an unprecedented summit will actually happen president trump caught his own administration off guard this year when he accepted kim's offer to meet the administration though has not said where or when a meeting would take place the north korean government has not said anything publicly about a meeting saga megani washington a new warts and all documentary about elvis presley is coming to hbo ex wife priscilla presley's has the dock doesn't shy away from his drug use addicted i don't think anyone who's on drugs think they're addicted and they can offer quickly or just get off the.

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