Deutsche Bank's new CEO plans investment banking review


Then with the deutsche bank story i was just breaking if you lines earlier deutchebanks supervisory board has named a new ceo to replace john cryan amid a wide overhaul of senior management co deputy co kherson saving doce lifer who currently heads the banks private and commercial arms will take over immediately as part of this reorganization goth richie is promoted to sold head of the securities unit and will become deputy co europe's largest investment bank has seen three top leadership appointments in six years amid pressure from investors to improve profitability let me also bring you up to date with another corporate story that we're watching for you some breaking lines across the bloomberg terminal in just the last twenty minutes novartis has agreed to acquire a vexes inc for eight point seven billion dollars to expand its position in gene therapy swissbased novartis is buying a vexes a bannockburn illinois general gene therapy company for twenty one to two hundred and eighteen dollars a share which represents a premium of eighty eight percent to the company's closing price on friday this transaction was unanimously approved by the boards of both companies we're hearing this morning.

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