Haley warns U.S. 'locked and loaded' if Syrian regime uses poisonous gas again


From executive producer jordan peele tracy morgan is back what in a new tv assuming that the new york times gritty funny comedy i just did fifteen in prison storing tiffany haddish the inner tainer you thought you'd just go wait for you to discover you got another man bouncy house don't miss tracy morgan's return to tv second chances are beautiful thing last oh gee tuesday's ten thirty nine thirty central only on tv yes breaking news tonight the us ambassador to the united nations nikki haley warning syria that the united states is quote locked and loaded for more strikes if the assad regime uses poison gas again let's go to our senior international correspondent nick payton walsh he's in northern syria for us tonight so nick what's the latest you're picking up over there this point i think there's an element of syria getting off and dusting itself off and realizing it wasn't quite as bad as they had full we've seen images on syrian state tv of the buzzer research facility in damascus the rubble there that clearly shows they won't be able to realize they were hit last night but they also claim to the homeless facility in fact was sped laws devante cross missiles now we've seen scenes of syrians out in the streets trying to show that life is perfectly normal shaw out our outside woking sauntering into work through a not shiny marvel reception room on his way into a normal day in the face a pay the points out just in the last sort of ours also some syrian observers a momentous have suggested this has been a substantial onyx thing and explains explosion near aleppo at a base of acidity often used it seems by ronnie militia unclear quite what back is we're still talking about a life back and failed ted but more broadly i think the syrian regime where we.

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