2000% increase in Russian trolls after airstrikes in Syria


The news watch never stops by grasshopper i'm sam litzinger the russian disinformation campaigns underway over the us led airstrikes in syria the spokeswoman says there's been a two thousand percent increase in russian trolls in the past twenty four hours the us britain and france say they launched the strike to punish syrian president assad for suspected chemical attack against civilians in the town of duma outside damascus america's gone to nikki haley we cannot stand by and let russia trash every international norm that we stand for and a while the use of chemical weapons to go unanswered the un security council rejected a russian demand that the allied attack be condemned cbs news correspondent jonathan bigly avi has more international reaction russia which backs the assad regime confirmed there were no immediate reports of casualties but in special you insecure council meeting the russian federation slammed the timing of the operation which was launched just before independent investigators studied the site of last week's alleged chemical attack didn't you started the organizers of the gresh didn't even wait for the establishment of facts by an international organization which is authorized to do that iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei another ally of the syrian government went so far as to call president trump and his allies criminal at least three people have been killed in the central us is it deals with the storm system that's brought dangerous winds rain hail even snow cbs news correspondent david begg knows in the arkansas town of mountain bird utility crews are working to get mountain berg arkansas back online after this small town of nearly seven hundred people was devastated by tornado on friday this arkansas couple raced against the tornado and loss thankful for their seatbelts they were unhurt vehicle slipped into a ditch in northeast louisiana a two year old child was killed overnight when a tree crashed into the rv she was sleeping in four adults and a toddler also inside got out ok in many state capitals this weekend.

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