Manchester City closer to Premier League title after Man United loss to West Brom


Too often we were there for her i see tried to ride south african president cyril ramaphosa ending that report from winnie mandela's funeral by certain maseko this is the bbc world service twenty two minutes past the hour time for the sports news his column harrison hi paul thanks very much we start at the commonwealth games in queensland where these scottish marathon mccallum hawkins collapsed with exhaustion while leading the race there was a two minute delay before medical staff reached him he was taken to hospital for tests but scottish team officials thankfully say there are no now major concerns about hawkins condition that abc steve cram described the moment hawkins became ill column is collapsing they really need to get someone to quickly this is tragic to see he was going so well but he's pushed to how they need somebody needs to get to him this too far to go way too far to go it's not as though it selects two hundred meters will the races won by the champion mike shelley australia well the women's marathon was won by hilario yohannes who claimed namibia's second gold of the games manchester city a one win away now from claiming the english premier league title they bounced back from losing three games in a roving treating their champions league exit by liverpool to beat tottenham three one at wembley last night and go sixteen points clear that's off of the table john murray reports after the disappointment of the previous week manchester city made something of a statement here in becoming the first team to beat spurs at wembley in the premier league since august city looked every inch the champions in waiting after gabrielle's zeus outpaced sanchez to score the first they deserved a fortunate break in the awarded a penalty expertly converted by gwendolyn and while spurs rally lead with a goal from ericsson before halftime raheem sterling six yard box poach with just under twenty minutes to play to city once again to the brink of the title and the french league title could also be decided later on sunday parry sanger man will be champions with five games to go if they beat secondplaced monaco the reigning champions at home this evening in spain barcelona set a new record of thirty nine games without defeat when they beat valencia on saturday luis suarez.

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