How to watch the NBA Playoffs: Raptors and Wizards get their playoff runs going


Sports play alex perlman second quarter action of game number one of the two thousand eighteen nba playoffs golden state leading san antonio forty five thirty five four thirteen to go before the break in early thirteen points for kevin durant bill mcgee with eleven and it is a ten point advantage for the warriors over the spurs at five thirty eastern the raptors and wizards get their playoff runs going toronto's at a lot of trouble in game one just one in twelve all time in the first game of a playoff series raptors are the one seed in the east he tangle with the red dots seventy sixers winners of sixteen in a row phillies back in the postseason for the first time since two thousand twelve though they won't have joel embiid the sixers center out tonight with a broken bone in his face tip off set for easter in the nightcap anthony davis lead re pelicans into portland with one thing on their mind everybody here playoff before we know we know the difference intensity level possession was bigger different so we understand that but nothing really everybody's saying but he definitely on the to make sure that now we have a championship mazda tip off between the pelicans and trailblazer said for ten thirty eastern on the ice it is the lightning and the devils they are tied up at one a piece at the end of the first period in tampa avalanche leading the predators there at the first intermission in that game gabriel board malone goal in that one for colorado with them leading nashville at eight eastern the bruins host the maple leafs in the shorts took game one of their series with the ducks but head coach peter deboer is still looking for more from star defenseman brent burns.

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