Detained immigrants separated from children in U.S. sue Trump...


Charlie james in the morning stimulating talk all day be a cumulus station cautious diplomacy stormy development i'm michael toscano a swedish newspaper is reporting that north korean foreign minister rhee yongho is about to visit sweden now that may be significant because sweden's embassy in pyongyang represents us interests in north korea has the two countries have no diplomatic relations meanwhile paula hancocks reports from seoul that many in the region urging caution has plans developed for president trump to meet north korea's kim jonghoon somebody's weighty remarkable ten of events and of course many all cautioning a lot of realism is the us president walking in to a massive trap infighting the south koreans a saying we have to be cautious the american civil liberties union has filed a class action lawsuit accusing the us government of broadly separating immigrant families seeking asylum today's move follows aclu action in the case of a congolese woman and her sevenyearold daughter who were being held in separate image gratien facilities two thousand miles apart part of an effort to group says to deter people from coming to the us there are no reports tying president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen to his official capacity in the trump organization as he was finalising hushmoney payments to porn actress stormy daniels let's bring in correspondent drew griffin.

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