False stories travel faster than the truth on Twitter, study finds

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Live from NPR News in Washington, I'm Shea Stevens President Trump plans to meet with North Korea's leader in less than two months. NPR's Michele Kelemen has more on Thursday's announcement by a South Korean official visiting the White House, South Korean, national security adviser Chung we Jongwe came to Washington after a rare visit to Pyongyang where he says, he got a commitment from North Korea's leader to talk to the US about denuclearization of any woman wounded. The new president Hall upon as possible. President Trump appreciated both beefing and said, he would meet Kim Jong-un by May. The South Korean official also says that US, South Korean military exercises will go on as planned and North Korea has agreed not to carry out missile or nuclear test during any negotiations, Michelle Kelemen, NPR News, Washington. The United States is imposing new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum in two weeks. There are exemptions for Canada and Mexico pending progress on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Cristina Freedland says, it would not make sense to slap new tariffs on her country. But notes there are still NAFTA issues left to resolve. We have said all along. It would be completely unacceptable to include Canada. It's logical and it's the right thing to exclude Canada. So we have had a step forward today. There is a lot of hard work left to do. Meanwhile, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. Says, he plans to introduce legislation, devoid the new tariffs and urges lawmakers to support the measure to prevent damaged to other sectors of the US economy, the nation's northeast as digging out from the region. Second major snowstorm in a week areas from New Jersey to New England received as much as two feet of accumulation at least two deaths were blamed on the storm, and thousands of homes remained without power. The National Weather Service warns that another system could hit the northeast next week. Heavy rains and snow melt in other parts of the country are causing the Mississippi River to rise in Louisiana. As Travis locks from member station WWL and over reports, the Army Corps of Engineers has opened a spill way to prevent flooding along the Mississippi River near New Orleans. The Bunny carry spillway is basically a giant release valve for the Mississippi. It keeps New Orleans from flooding by diverting water from the river into nearby Lake Pontchartrain when the water gets too high Army Corps Colonel Mike Clancy says it's critical for. Keeping New Orleans safe if there is no control measure like this in place, then water could continue to rise on the levies forcing and a fail. The Core expects to keep it open for about three weeks until the river goes back down For NPR News. I'm Travis Luxe in Norrkoping, Louisiana on Asian stock market shares are higher following gains on Wall Street. This is NPR News. Hyundai is recalling hundred and fifty five thousand Sonatas in the US from the two thousand eleven model year because the vehicles may contain defective airbags. Hyundai says a short circuit in the air back control system can prevent them from deploying in a crash. A new study by researchers at MIT shows that false news breast, faster and wider than accurate News does on Twitter, Craig Lemoult a member station. W G B. H has details. The researchers studied more than one hundred thousand stories tweeted between two thousand six in 2017 There were classified as true or false by snow split affect in several other independent fact checkers. The Foued false stories were seventy percent more likely to be read tweeted than true once, and it took six times as long for true stories to reach 1500 people. Co author sitting on a roll says, people are drawn to false tweets because they're often surprising when people share novel information. They're seen as being quote unquote in the know. Or as if they have access to inside information Arale says 'automated accounts or buts, or not to blame for the disproportionate spread of inaccurate news because they were found to spread Drew and false stories equally For NPR News, I'm Craig Lemoult in Boston. A federal judge in New York is recommending that President Trump mute rather than block some of his critics on Twitter Judge Naomi rice Buchwald made the suggestion after hearing arguments in a first amendment lawsuit the night First Amendment University in seven people filed the case last July after Trump block people who posted negative comments on his Twitter page. I'm Shea Stevens NPR News in Washington.

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