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Night for the nashville donald saturday in the semis michigan race to seven point halftime deficit to beat of chicago six seven villanova thirteen twenty six first half three pointers ran away from kansas ninety five seventy nine espn college basketball analyst myron medcalf fix it could be a marvelous matchup matchup against villanova as long as they call jalen rose chris webber and jamal crawford thanks to play for that program but if it's a team of play tonight i think they should lose by fifteen twenty points just villanova that good now it'd be surprised he shot michigan shocked the world but that nova team this looks like a team of destiny and the waiter shooting i don't know the top that's minor metcalf dickerson and the las vegas has made villanova a six and a half point favorites over michigan it's mississippi state notre dame for the women's national channel six pm eastern sunday night on espn television in the nba boston over toronto one ten ninety nine celtics grammar raptors by two games the top spot africa washington is earned a playoff spot east beating charlotte one oh seven ninety three john wall back from injury at fifty four.

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