Machado’s hot start a union of talent, opportunity


Paul ryan has had his agenda for twenty years in congress and now finally he has republicans everywhere in the senate and the house and and and the white house that he can finally get all of this stuff through and so i think he doesn't wanna ruin that by pushing back on trump and and making an enemy of and and that drives me nuts drive other people nuts that you shouldn't be able to put put back on the president but i think what paul the calculation paul ryan is making to himself as like look if i get these changes in in black and white on the page in the statute books those are gonna last forever and i can take kind of humiliation of of not being able to push back on trump in the short term to achieve those long term benefits i i made the point earlier in the show paul ryan is smart politician he's a smart guy he understands you just you just laid it out this is what i need to do to policy and he he is going to separate the nonsense which is something i think is important and not enough not enough of numbers the media do it not enough members of the public do it he wants to do and talk about the work and i think that's it's actually an interesting example of what could happen in these weird dynamics we see playing on politics now it's a different way to do it and it's there's not a lot of other folks beside paul ryan doing if i may.

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