15 Dead In Canadian Junior Hockey Team Bus Crash


This is cbs news on the hour presented by grasshopper i'm sam litzinger president trump tweets the trump tower in new york as well built building which he claims he's one reason to fire on one of its upper floors didn't spread far apparently tweeted too soon officials say the four alarm fire still is under control and that one person's been seriously hurt for firefighters were hurt no word on the cause of the fire this man was in the building when it broke out on the escanaba and then i had a big bang night the debris falling onto the glossary so i looked up and i saw smoke coming out of wanted to windows mr trump is at the white house and not in his new york building a lightning strike report in white springs florida five people struck one kills it happened near a camper where people were seeking shelter during a storm the death toll has climbed to fifteen in the crash of a bus carrying a youth hockey team in western canada officials say a semi smashed into it fourteen people were hurt cbs news correspondent nicki tease tumble rodman said canadian prime minister justin trudeau offered his support this is truly a dark moment for our city in our community and our province you know we're we're a small town and and we're overwhelmed with outpouring of condolences that we've received go find me pay for the team has now raised more than a million dollars the website even stopped working at one point a vigil is being planned to honor the victims the cause of this tragedy is not known yet crashing says it looked like there had been an airstrike in munster germany a deadly van crash that killed two people and injured twenty officials say so far they found no link to terrorism the driver who killed himself is believed to be a middle aged german man was psychological issues cbs news correspondent jonathan vaguely auto was a pedestrian area that was open to traffic so cars could drive through but at the cobblestone area where you be a number of restaurants with tears sitting outside those areas were completely packed with people so you can imagine the chaos that was caused when this car veered towards one of these restaurants german officials.

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