Earthquakes in northwest Oklahoma include magnitude 4.6


Horn plumbing and heating visit horn plumbing dot com for more info porn plumbing and heating your local carrier expert overnight cloudy skies and cool temperatures as the mercury drops below freezing to thirty one degrees in for the rest of your sunday it'll be sunny windy and cold the high forty eight degrees detrick forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes traffic and transit on the tubes in manhattan a fatal fire at trump tower in new york city president trump who's in washington tweeted that a fire on an upper floor of trump tower new york is out but it's only recently been declared under control one person has just been confirmed killed in the blaze for firefighters were hurt jan lloyd was in the building when the fire broke out it fallen from ceiling the windows i need fallen onto the glass ceiling is we going up the escalator on my sunsets me my god and there was all this smoke sam litzinger cbs news a magnitude four point six earthquake shook oklahoma and was also found in neighboring kansas and missouri is one of four quakes recorded in north west oklahoma on saturday morning as we hear from cbs news correspondent nita brian northern oklahoma has been rattled by swarm of earthquakes over the past twenty four hours the most powerful one hit this morning it was a magnitude four point six and center near the city of perry there were no reports of injuries or damage but it was fell two hundred miles away in wichita kansas parts of oklahoma also woke up to a rare april snow no immediate reports of any major damage or injuries from the earthquakes four republican congressman from our region have all decided not to seek reelection and now there's word that the speaker of.

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