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Months michael toscano washington the torso armor that russell crowe war for his oscar winning role in the gladiator sold at an auction in australia today for ninety six thousand dollars rose selling a lot of personal items as part of his divorce settlement i'm christopher cruise and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters people familiar with the matter say deutsche bank plans to clarify ceo john cryan future this weekend this as chairman paul act lichner faces pressure from key shareholders to take action deutchebanks supervisory board is holding a call tomorrow night to discuss client's fate the people said sky news reports barclays chairman john macfarlane is expected to step down from his position at the bank's annual meeting next year sky news cited people close to the bank voor nado realty trust says it has an informal agreement to sell its interest in manhattan's six sixty six fifth avenue to kushner companies that's the firm run by the family of presidential soninlaw jared kushner for nado and kushner our partners in the building the statement which was released late on friday seemed to catch the kushner's off guard it wasn't clear whether they headlined up financing for the more than one billion dollars they're going to need american airlines group ordered forty seven boeing seven hundred eighty seven dreamliner for long range flying that deals a blow to airbus ambitions to expand its widebody aircraft sales in the us aluminum prices jumped yesterday amid fears that sanctions on russian metal could threaten a significant amount of global supply more on that from bloomberg's charlie pellett treasury department has sanctioned russian individuals officials stateowned firms and companies including united roussel under provisions of a law congress passed last year to retaliate against moscow for meddling in the two thousand sixteen presidential election roussin accounts for about seventeen percent of supply outside of china according to harbor intelligence charlie pellett bloomberg radio global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm susanna palmer this is bloomberg this is the business of sports the international olympic committee is facing a crisis which sport would you point to insa put your money where the money is flowing inside.

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