14 dead after Canadian junior hockey team bus crash


Seven ten w o r and terry mccreary and here's what's happening german police say several people are dead and dozens injured after a vandross a crowd earlier today in the western city of muenster the van driver is among the dead mixed martial arts vans are angry for a multitude of reasons following ufc star conor mcgregor arrest in brooklyn it was a wild scene at the barclay center on thursday the outspoken irish pugilist allegedly threw a fit and attacked a bus full of fighters leading to mcgregor's arrest now zero dasu came down from toronto to watch the event and says the outspoken irishman is selfish fighters that aren't gonna be able to fight not going to get the money for their own kids and families back home because of this one guy who's ego is through the roof as a result three flights were cancelled moses say do like his friend nausea from toronto wants a refund if there was a lawsuit we'd be involved as well because we paid for tickets we traveled james flippin for seven ten w o r police in canada say fourteen people are dead and another fourteen injured after a bus carrying a junior hockey team collided with a truck on friday night on a rural highway into scotch you on the rcmp says the bus was carrying the humboldt broncos to a game when it crashed early onstage as members on the scene was totally deal with those obviously the casualties and most importantly the injured to the hospitals rcmp inspector ted monroe and nypd officer is recovering after a suspect bit off part of his left middle finger james flippin has that police say the biter was arrested for criminal mischief originally then take into the six nine precincts in canarsie where the officer was trying to put them into a holding cell while the suspect resisted causing the male officer to fall that's when his finger was bitten causing them.

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