Man arrested for bomb threat that shut down Roots concert at South by Southwest in Austin

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To an arrest is now a hundred thousand dollars authorities have been scrambling for leeds since two separate bombs exploded last monday the first left a seventeen year old dead and his mother wounded the second severely injured a seventy five year old woman on march second a package bomb killed a man on his front porch though at the time police thought it was an isolated incident austin police chief brian manley urged the bomber to contact authorities during a press conference on sunday we want to understand what brought you to this point and we wanna listen to you on saturday organizers cancelled the south by south west show after they got a bomb threat via email a suspect has been arrested but police do not believe it's related to the package bombs for npr news i'm matt largely in austin a team from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is expected in britain tomorrow to examine a nerve agent used to poison a russian double agent and his daughter march fourth and joanna kakissis has more british foreign secretary borsch johnson says the results of the investigation should be out in the next two weeks he told the bbc that russia has been stockpiling the soviet era nerve agent called nova chuck to use an assassinations britain is expelling twentythree russian intelligence agents over the salisbury poisoning russia denies involvement and is retaliating by kicking out twentythree british diplomats npr's joanna kakissis facebook is facing international backlash over how it manages third party access to user information this after the social media network said cambridge analytics a company with ties to the two thousand sixteen trump campaign improperly kept data on millions of facebook users without their knowledge senator amy klobuchar wants facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to appear before the senate judiciary committee and the chair of the uk parliamentary committee on culture and media wants him to testify to on how the manipulation affected brexit you're listening to npr news news many are criticizing interior secretary ryan zinke greeting in japanese to hawaii congresswoman colleen honda boza during a.

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