Israeli military confirms it hit Syrian nuclear site in 2007

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Of officer involved shootings and other use of force incidence la police chief charlie beck says the public won't have to rely on the sometimes conflicting accounts from police and witnesses hundreds and hundreds of millions of hours of video and as we get through that we learn more more other evidence will also be available such as recordings of nine one one calls witness statements photos from the scene and the coroner's report but skeptics worry that videos of violent confrontations could inflame tensions between the public and the police for npr news i'm danielle carson in pasadena california israel's military says it carried out an air strike in syria in two thousand seven israel says into story to nuclear reactor syria was secretly building it's been believed that israel was responsible for the bombing this is the first time the israeli military has admitted it i'm korva coleman npr news support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include lifelock lifelock with norton works to help protect identities and the information on devices from cybercriminals learn more at lifelock dot com and the kresge foundation ed kresge dot org imagine playing a video game.

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