FDA considers restricting flavors in tobacco products


To young people are going to be coming under more federal scrutiny the food and drug administration or fda is calling for information about flavored tobacco products in hopes of preventing children and young people from getting hooked on nicotine the agency will look at flavors in cigars and electronic cigarettes which currently have no flavoring restrictions but the focus will fall on menthol which is the only flavor permitted in cigarettes under federal law studies have shown the minty flavour appeals more to underage and young adult smokers the fda has the authority to ban menthol but it's past efforts to begin regulating the ingredient have been stalled by the industry the rough week is getting rougher for facebook after it was learned a campaign consultant use data from the social media site to try to sway the two thousand sixteen election for donald trump ap's charles de la desma reports now a probe is opened into the company cambridge politica commission elizabeth enemies pursuing a warrant search cambridge analytic service the company allegedly used data mined from facebook to help donald trump win the two thousand sixteen presidential election denims told the bbc she's also investigating facebook and has asked the company not to pursue its own audit of cambridge analytical data use she says facebook has agreed denim said the prime allegation against cambridge analytica is that is acquired personal data in an unauthorized way charles through london a judge is pushing back the start of bill cosby sexual assault retrial as ap entertainment editor oscar wells gabriel reports it's after first rejecting a defense request for a three month delay attorneys for the euro comedian asked to trial judge for three months delay in the preceding but all they will end up getting this three days judge steven o'neill push jury selection back from march twenty ninth to april second instead of seeing a panel those days o'neal has set aside march twenty ninth and thirtieth to resolve the.

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