Sacramento police fatally shoot unarmed man holding cellphone in backyard


Good afternoon i'm nikki medoro reports say facebook ceo mark zuckerberg plans to speak sometime in the next day on the cambridge analytica controversy zuckerberg will try to regain the public's trust in the social media side amid a privacy scandal in the meantime chris wiley says he can't approve the work he did for cambridge analytica held on trump win the two thousand sixteen presidential election but he thinks he has pretty good evidence while working for the political consulting company from twenty thirteen twenty fifteen wylie's team spoke to americans in focus groups to identify deep seated concerns then they tested ways to tap into those fears through social media the slogans they developed later became the catchphrases of the trump campaign have people in sacramento are questioning why police shot an unarmed black man twenty times killing him when he turned out to be holding only a cell phone and his grandparents backyard police man was spotted breaking a vehicle window sunday night chef de cities and helicopters said they saw him break a neighbor a sliding glass door to arriving officers chased him into the backyard of his grandparents home where he was staying the department says they opened fire when he pointed what they thought was a handgun no gun was found this news report is sponsored by match dot com when you're ready for a real relationship you're ready for match go to match dot com slash love for seven days free tried today match dot com slash love now back to.

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