Facebook facing federal investigation over Cambridge Analytica data scandal


Of the social media stocks here in the states continued to be on the defensive possible legal action against twitter by the israeli government that sent those shares down about ten percent and then we had the scandal the data scandal for facebook continuing to unfold the stock was down about two and a half percent here in new york we are told the federal trade commission is now looking at whether facebook violated terms of a twenty eleven consent decree on how the company handles user data of course all of this pertains to the millions of facebook users whose data was given to cambridge analytica without their knowledge facebook now facing a shareholder lawsuit in california over all of this and we are told that a company executive briefed facebook employees today on the situation meantime senator john kennedy he's a republican from louisiana he says lawmakers need to take a very close look at this situation we need to ask some hard questions because some of facebook's behavior lately is kinda gotten into the foothills of creepy at the same time we had california senator dianne feinstein saying that ceo mark zuckerberg burg should be testifying before congress incidentally cambridge analytica that firm in the uk it has suspended its ceo overall of this his name is alexander knicks.

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