'He's one step ahead': Officials frustrated after latest Austin explosion


The dow down five hundred points during the day it did recover at the closing bell to just three hundred and thirty six down that is a one of the third percent drop nasdaq dropping nearly two percent that is the steepest loss in six weeks the us will see its first interest rate decision under the new fed chair jerome powell it's on tuesday after he ended to investors that he is open to lifting interest rates four times this year i'm andy field abc news or money news in thirty minutes there's been another explosion in austin and the fourth and less than a month this time possibly detonated by a wire the police chief says they believe these incidents may be connected abc news chief correspondent pierre thomas had the latest on that this afternoon february fully sweeping austin texas after a fourth explosion rocked her home in less than twenty days authorities responding to a blast potentially caused by a trip wire detonation entering two men in their twenties both rushed to an area hospital police extending lockdown urging residents within a mile and a half radius to stay in their home even school bus will not be able to access the affected areas this latest incident comes seventeen days after the first reported explosion just a few miles away police have now followed up on more than seven hundred phone calls about suspicious packages in the austin area the blast triggered just six and a half hours after the austin police department offered one hundred fifteen thousand dollars for any tips leading to the arrest of a suspect austin police say the bombings which killed two people and have now entered for others were meant to send a message the packages using these attacks were designed to look innocent unassuming abc news learning the bombs were built using nuts bolts nails and metal pieces s shrapnel that's pierre thomas reporting tragedy for cirque du soleil thirty eight year old cirque du soleil performer yawn are no was partway through his act saturday night something goes terribly wrong are no plummeting to the hard stage below no matt's or safety nets to break his fall he was taken to a.

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