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We looked out the door and there's the police and i was like like you know good that's down there and said these fucking rednecks or the one that did it he shoved me in fact but i mean you know after that that was it drew came back in my room our hour later and we chatted on we were fine just right next to each other and be finding an hour didn't i didn't shove shove you on the way about two fucker up my basement outbreak you in your pig all the way to or back from your room i saw cop talking to a girl she was fuck up like she was drunk she the one with the with the stomach shown no you asked me about that she says the mayor and he was like interviewing you could tell they have been separate and everybody as the cops do because he had her off air when i heard him say or you can just tell me they've already told me it doesn't matter to me just where are the drugs or who drew who's drugs whether it she was like there weren't any drugs are what i think happened is they were partying and someone decided to still all the drugs everybody there or whoever was bringing the drugs got uncomfortable in maced everybody there that i believe it was oh boy without a shirt on and his plan on getting out was been maced and ride it right which there was that one dude that ran up and we went out and hoffer second it came up with like a dude broken our room try to steal everything and us which i mean yeah i buy that shit fargo there's probably always shit going on in fargo.

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