Inside Trump’s Snap Decision to Oust McMaster


Hhs and the ad council democrats say it ended prematurely but republicans on the house intelligence committee are standing by their decision to end their investigation into possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign we found evidence of collusion there may be evidence start shutting come up in the future but but so far with everything we've done seventythree witnesses three hundred thousand documents we've looked at we found no evidence of collusion congressman mike conaway of texas on fox and friends the senate intelligence committee is still working as special counsel robert muller no shortage of drama in washington as president trump reluctantly signs a spending bill to avert a government shutdown a measure he toyed with vetoing since doesn't fully fund the border wall end it doesn't include any protections for immigrants brought here illegally as children georgia republican senator johnny isakson spoke about the difficulty of getting things done with current dynamics in congress you've got a political situation where the house doesn't have a lot of flexibility because of divisions within the conference and the senate scott up fifty one forty nine majority so because of that i mean you don't have any will run and the democrats leverage some power out of that narrow margin that we have maryland democrat senator chris van holland blasted the president for a lack of consistency what you've got a president who claims he's the great negotiator the art of the deal where was he when the deal was being made wakes up the next day and says he wants something different he's actually one of the worst negotiators i've ever seen on capitol hill mike emanuel fox news.

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