Manchester United sink Liverpool, unsavoury scenes at West Ham


Here and pardon me well we had a very exciting game mentors united versus liverpool a northern rivalry leg new other what a first half by manchester united is wanna start off by saying i knew marne you have so much say about this your team by gotta say when i see manchester united play the way they played that first half i think they can compete with like most teams in europe and i'm just being honest when i see the way that you guys like how lukoil holds of the ball how deva heya with to the most scrumptious long balls i've ever seen in my life sixty arturs easily and seeing a youngster such as marcus rash furred put the goals away i really think that if men united can play both half's like the way they did against liverpool and how ashley young so gracefully also instagram to put mosa la in his back pocket which is kind of like actual young actually young's cut in the later half of his years he's having quite a a spring of word a resurfacing this year is urging resurgence thank you this year but wow you guys played stupendous and just put the pressure on and just it was so great to watch that first half virgil van dyke had a missed opportunity as a header which he definitely should've put away but god damn the first half i was very impressed with you guys yeah it was a really awesome to see as united fan and some of my enthusiasm some of my happiness has definitely gone back because we just watched the united severe game where united crashed out but i'm still gonna try and be optimistic and talk for you.

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