Jimmy Graham needs Jordy Nelson-like connection with Aaron Rodgers


Right so i like what the bears are doing they're being smart they're pretty much spending money when they need to all right the bears are going to be a good team this season and then you've got the green bay packers signed jimmy graham but at jordy nelson's expense jordy nelson has been cut by the green bay packers right jordy nelson had a great career green bay but i just think is prime is way past them and he's just a shell of what he wants was all right i could be wrong but i doubt it is what it is but now jimmy grams thirteen dues play with amazing quarterbacks all three teams he's played with right had drew brees russell wilson aaron rodgers not right you i think that jimmy graham is going to return to the old jimmy graham no fire to say is he score more than seven touchdowns this season the over under seven i'll take the over but it's going to be at eight nine he's not getting ten this year if he gets ten i'm wrong and i'll be surprised but nonetheless i just don't see it happening i think jimmy graham he's going to be a good addition for that team and maybe it's just his seattle years are kind of scared me away from what to think as far as what he could do a green bay maybe that's all it is all right and that could be it but i just i'm not sure i think a wait and see type thing it's like it with a richard sherman right not sure how well which really is going to play with the forty niners we gotta wait and see once he steps on the philip and same with jimmy graham i mean is air roger's gonna make sure he's a big part of that offense or is he going to be feeding guys like devante adams who got a queue breakout your the season right demonte adams is far and away the best player on that offense decides aaron rodgers right he's better than jimmy graham that's no doubt so it's going to be interesting to see how it all ends up for green bay and as far as jordan.

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