The best moments along Russell Westbrook's journey to 100 career triple-doubles - NBA


Fifty eight the final saint bonaventure first tournament win since nineteen seventy in the elite eight bob lanier was there saint bonaventure advances and up next as the eleven seed they get the number six seed in the east in florida sportscenter allnight espn radio from college to the nba and tuesday in atlanta hawks and thunder and we had a major milestone as russell westbrook picks up his one hundredth career triple double thirty two points twelve rebounds twelve assists fourth player in nba history with one hundred triple doubles oscar robertson magic johnson jason kidd the other three westbrook spoke with fox sports oklahoma in the second half you hold him to just forty one points what did you notice the difference down the stretch there good job using our hands before you see a guy like jeremy grant step up without paul george without stephen adams say about this group to be able to just be next man great guys great job congratulations on your one hundred triple double of your career only four other four guys to ever do that field of dns territory with some of these legends of the game.

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