What to expect from Mike Pompeo's confirmation hearing


City will not say if that was paid or not wbz news time is five sixteen the ajc and channel to file a formal complaint accusing atlanta's city hall of a culture of political interference with open records requests this has been a real problem for anybody who tries to get basic records out of the city of atlanta for a long time channel two's richard belcher says the complaint outlines ten examples against the city including filing fake documents a democrat challenging congresswoman karen handel and the sixth district race shows his support for obamacare in his first tv ad bobby capable says thank god for obamacare former atlanta tv anchor says the affordable care act helped keep down medical expenses after his twins were born premature capable says it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep them alive explosive new details in a sex scandal involving missouri governor eric greitens a woman claims greitens forced her to have nonconsensual sex then threatened her with violence the governor calls it a political witch hunt but missouri's house speaker todd richardson says the investigation is now expanding is not a witch hunt and the committee had no political agenda governors republican there five republicans and democrats on the state house committee signing the report describing the woman's testimony the senate begins confirmation hearings today for secretary of state nominee mike pompeo the second confirmation hearing for pompeo in the trump administration he was confirmed as director of the cia by a vote of sixty six to thirty two with a majority of democrats voting against his confirmation abc's lana zak reports the ranking democrat on the senate foreign relations committee senator bob menendez is promising a rigorous confirmation process during her confirmation hearing federal judicial nominee wendy refuses to say whether she agrees with the brown versus board of education decision desegregating the nation's public schools would be found by it and if i start coming on i agree with this case or don't agree with this case i think we'll get into a slippery slope resin trump nominated bitter to become a federal judge in the eastern district of louisiana wsb news time five eighteen next traffic update includes recheck georgia four hundred less than two minutes the.

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