Trump looking to re-enter TPP, says Sens. Pat Roberts, Ben Sasse


Whole lot of change although the end did weaken lot in in new york session and looking at oil prices vary strong dwi crude was up over sixty seven dollars a barrel for much of the morning now at sixty six eighty five doug back to us all right brian well as you mentioned president trump making some comments on teepee he told lawmakers he's considering rejoining the transpacific partnership now you might recall that he withdrew from tree tpp shortly after taking office republican senator ben sasse of nebraska was part of the group that met with the president china cheats and lots and lots of ways their theft of intellectual property they're made in china twenty twentyfive initiative are a whole bunch of bad actions and that cheating needs to be countered but the single best way we can counter that is by leading all the rule of law nations in the pacific would rather be aligned with the us then be aligned with china well the president's news on tv p comes ahead of next week's visit to the us by japanese prime minister shinzo obey bloomberg's global economics and policy editor is kathleen hayes she tells us president trump's move will be welcomed by japan it seems to me that he may be also getting ready to take steps that are so important for asia ex china this again is something that japan and other nations want in place because they to want to counter china's rising power in the region particularly when it comes to trade trump and albay will also likely discuss the us tariffs on steel and aluminum and the possibility of japan being granted an exemption from these levees and on sunday japan and china will begin their first highlevel economic dialogue nearly eight years we have more from bloomberg's ramy inocencio chinese foreign minister wong e will visit japan for three days to meet as counterpart taro kono bilateral trade and investment is strong but the relationship has been plagued by problems in recent years including territorial dispute in the south china sea one topic that may be discussed is japan filing to join a us complaint to the.

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