Cervantes wins fight to stay on Democratic ballot for governor


Help is needed for zona it's about public safety now there are four states on this border texas new mexico is similarly positive response governor jerry brown of california who a democrat a little more lukewarm nick watt reporting maradona meanwhile apd wants to get out of sending officers in the national guard down south to help secure the border with mexico citing the fact that apd seriously shortstaffed a spokesman says setting officers and the national guard to the border could be a potential public safety risk for the city they're asking governor martinez to exempt apd from this a spokesman at the governor's office says martinez will work with the feds to decide the tasks and support levels needed well here's the latest on the legal battle between two democratic candidates for governor the albuquerque journal reports a judge has dismissed jeff appa dhaka's lawsuit to keep joseph montas name off the june primary ballots up upper dhaka claim savant is didn't collect enough petition signatures but the judge ruled apodaca hadn't properly delivered a legal notice to everyone involved in the case of a daca says he'll appeal to the.

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