Thousands march to protest Canada pipeline expansion project

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Live from NPR News in Washington, I'm Barbara Klein, Defense Secretary, James Mattis is warning Russia and the Syrian Government of unspecified, U S action. If reports that they've carried out chlorine gas attacks are confirmed and peers, David. Well, no reports Mattis made the comment today is he begins a trip to the Middle East while flying to Oman. Mattis said, he only had reports that the Syrian regime is using chlorine gas in eastern Gouta Still, he warned three times that in his words, It would be very unwise for someone to use gas reserves, full political maneuvering sugared that he believed appropriate. And our other western nations that have been in contact with this were what you're niche very closely at are completely alarmed with us. Last April, the US bombarded, a Syrian airbase after accusing the regime, there are of Seren gas attacks Mattis said that Russia, which supports that regime either as incompetent or in cahoots with it. David well-nigh NPR News traveling with the defense secretary in with Scott Oman in France Marine Le Pen has been reelected to lead the far right National Front Party after losing last year's presidential election Lapan is trying to re-brand the party proposing to change its name to national rally and his Jakes again, role reports from Paris. She's also officially cutting ties with her father who's the party co-founder national from members voted to officially Get rid of the parties President of honor status held by marines, Father Jean-Marie Le Pen since 2011 It's another moved to reposition the party for another run at the French Presidency and 2020 two leading up to last year's race that elected Emmanuel Macron the pen had vigorously campaigned to rebrand the National Front in scrub the party of its anti Semitic and racist routes. Jean-Marie Le Pen who co-founded the party and 19 72 is a holocaust denier For NPR News. I'm Jakes again wrote in Paris. In Vancouver. Canada dueling protests this weekend over the proposed expansion of an oil pipeline from Alberta to the Pacific Ocean. Greg McAuliffe says, reporter us supporters of the project. Our wrap numbered several thousand gathered and spur of in Vancouver to voice their strong opposition to the pipeline. Only a couple of hundred gathered a few miles away and support if the expansion does go ahead of the capacity were actually exceed the Keystone XL pipeline. Nearly eight hundred ninety thousand barrels a day will make its way from the neighboring province of Alberta to the Pacific coast loaded on tankers. It will then pass through British Columbia and Washington State waters on route to China. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls the project in Canada's best interest. Schools across the US are preparing for students to walk out for seventeen minutes on Wednesday organised organizers of the Women's March are calling for the protest. After seventeen people were killed in a school shooting in Florida. This is NPR. China's National People's Congress made it official today. President Xi Jinping can serve for life. The nearly three thousand delegates voted to lift presidential term limits today, only two voted against the move three abstained Columbia is holding congressional elections today. The former FARC rebel group is fielding candidates for the first time. Since it gave up its weapons Under a peace deal to become a left-wing political party. As the BBC's Katie Watson reports, the deal guarantees FARC will hold ten of Colombia's two hundred eighty congressional seats vest mopping bullets him about it. Spent that message is the same. The fog once-defiant the rights of the poor and widen a political field in a country with gaping inequalities. While some Colombians have welcomed the pin, its new come as many more thin. It's too soon to see them in positions of power. One of the biggest criticisms of the Peacedale. Is it these fighters turn politicians should have been punished for their crimes before standing for office, and that's expected to be reflected in how people vote few want to choose a politician deemed to have blood on their hands. The BBC's Katie Watson rock star Bono is apologizing over allegations, that staff at a charity he said up, We're bullied by says he's furious over charges by staff at his anti-poverty One charity office in Johannesburg one former staff member says she was demoted when she refused to have sex with a foreign government official. I'm Barbara Klein, NPR News.

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