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We were talking about this off mike the other night like i think smart kids like when you look it most universities not alabama but when you look at most colleges the smart kids at the here that obama your eyes markets make no it's that other amber on him on that they are ends ice maher i fully dunk is smart kids on the whole are much larger return on investment for the university money wise then athletes are and no one ever is talking about beyond a scholarship paying the smart kids go to fucking vanderbilt earlier they produce a product that makes the money that at 10 and 0 football team makes while they're in school say a patent they can get money that is the olympic model which i am fine with that's exactly what i bet heavily regulated analogous to how do we do it on the 100 football team when the guy who plays defensive aunt well he mattiace observe the i who plays guard you're not like does he not deserve some of that money and you said some you said they're not bringing the return on investment i'm not sure i'm comfortable with thing in of student athletes has return on investment but if we are we gonna start paying him that's what lift my point if we are than let's be honest about it so the olympic model helps it is a great first step you're right cory booker you're going to have that situation where the quarterbacks make an so much fucking money and llamas make a nothing in nfl the quarterback makes more money with the lam and his value by the market in i mean there's an honest to goodness market value for that guy i don't think there would be in the olympic model man athlete like is still san's mater grafts and many other no make they're going to be it as in demand but like any hard hit the school like alabama's offense of lamant is still would be able to make some scratch that wake i feel like maybe i'm reid as part of your lemme model let me ask you this would aden or a superstar like that should boosters be allowed to pay them to come there.

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